As the most valuable asset of any company, the brand must be understood and adopted by all who work within the brand. As the main influencer to customer choice, its consistency of application is crucial. At Wisdom Design in Essex, we create part or comprehensive brand guidelines and support materials to establish a definitive set of brand rules and guidelines. A full brand guide will typically include examples of logo types, design layouts and grids, colour references, presentation aids, advertising treatments and branded literature suggestions along with tone of voice and photography and imagery style.

Brand Indentity
Mdee Branding Guidelines
Branding, including creation of company name, logo, sub branding to other divisions, website, advertising templates, presentations, monthly online price book, email and social media campaigns.
Brand Guidelines
Lasermet Laser Safety Solutions
We devised these brand guidelines for Lasermet, a laser safety specialist. Created to control the brand output in terms of marketing and advertising. Since our rebrand the company has gone from strength to strength.
Brand Indentity
Kingswood Aluminium Branding
Branding for Kingswood Aluminium - a specialist manufacturer of window and door systems including state of the art bi-fold doors. Branding items such as signage, vehicles, workwear and website.
Brand Indentity
Hybrid Branding Guidelines
Development of a new brand for a communications and IT supplier as a sub-brand of Onwave parent. A full set of branded icons and image assets was developed for assitance in internal presentations and tenders.
Corporate Indentity Guidelines
Branding Guidelines for College
The College required a cohesive brand developed to govern the visual representation of the college and its activities, to ensure that all contributors created a uniform approach to communications and literature.
Satellite Broadband Indentity Guidelines
Satellite Sub-Brand Guidelines
A sub-brand of Onwave, this company specialised in the installation of satellite telecoms and shapes within logo cleverly suggest this concept. Full brand guidelines were commissioned to sit alongside the primary brand.