Experiencing a good brand is both a joy for the senses and most importantly, lucrative for its owners. To create a successful brand we spend time researching and defining what's special and unique about our client's product or service. From this understanding, allied with our in-depth knowledge of potential brand contact points, we develop a brand to engage visually and emotionally with customers. Strong brands will build on loyalty and also nurture organic growth. So, whether you're taking on Essex, or the world, getting your brand right is not only a prerequisite for success, it's a mission you can entrust to Wisdom Design's limitless imagination.

Brand Indentity
Mdee Branding Guidelines
Branding, including creation of company name, logo, sub branding to other divisions, website, advertising templates, presentations, monthly online price book, email and social media campaigns.
Logo design
Digitech Logo Design
Design of a logo for this new start-up business. Features a design that conveys pieces fitting into a larger entity. Also the IT part of the business is clearly defined within the logotype.
Brand Guidelines
Lasermet Laser Safety Solutions
We devised these brand guidelines for Lasermet, a laser safety specialist. Created to control the brand output in terms of marketing and advertising. Since our rebrand the company has gone from strength to strength.
Brand Indentity
Kingswood Aluminium Branding
Branding for Kingswood Aluminium - a specialist manufacturer of window and door systems including state of the art bi-fold doors. Branding items such as signage, vehicles, workwear and website.
Design of Goodies Farm Shop Logo
Goodies Farm Shop Logo
A three dimensional logo created for a busy farm shop that evokes a sense of tradition and quality. The vector logo will scale to any size and reproduce on any medium. Client: SpaceMAD.
Logo design
Logo Design: Merlin Airways
This logo, which doubles as tail-art, has the appearence of being weightless, and the bird is inseparable from the notion of flight. Colours are inspired by the sky's natural pallette.
Logo design
Country Farm Meats Logo
A traditional logo for a butchery that employs the age old tradition of locally sourced meat with centuries old expertise. Ideal as a label too, this emblem uses the colour tones of the produce itself.
Brand Indentity
Hybrid Branding Guidelines
Development of a new brand for a communications and IT supplier as a sub-brand of Onwave parent. A full set of branded icons and image assets was developed for assitance in internal presentations and tenders.
Logo design
Dreamband Logo
Vibrant logo designed to appeal to South African youngsters embarking on exciting ventures and opportunites in South Africa. The logo is multi-faceted and uses an all inclusive colour spectrum.
Logo design
Fireworks Fire Protection Limited
A gentle rework of an existing logo, but brought up to date. It's important to re-evaluate and re-align brands sometimes, without sacrificing customer recognition and brand loyalty.
Corporate Indentity Guidelines
Branding Guidelines for College
The College required a cohesive brand developed to govern the visual representation of the college and its activities, to ensure that all contributors created a uniform approach to communications and literature.
Hug a pet logo
Logo Design for Essex Company
Logo design for a children's soft toy which is designed to build brand recognition and loyalty. Icon is a abstract pillow and paw print that contains a love heart.
Logo design
Woolpack - Essex Bar & Bistro
Timeless typography forms the basis for this logo. A cross between the tradition of a public house and flair of a fine dining experience. Not out of character for the set of ITV's Downton Abbey!
Satellite Broadband Indentity Guidelines
Satellite Sub-Brand Guidelines
A sub-brand of Onwave, this company specialised in the installation of satellite telecoms and shapes within logo cleverly suggest this concept. Full brand guidelines were commissioned to sit alongside the primary brand.
Logo design
Pretty in Pink Logo
Fashionable and stylish logo for beauty treatment studio. We concluded on shocking pink and a logo based on soft curves and nail art. Design transposes to carrier bags and stationery beautifully.