An impact can be made with something as humble as a sheet of A4 card when you have the vision, ideas and skill set to present in three dimensions. These two models of attractions in Essex and Suffolk started life in our heads when visiting these places as tourists. They were speculatively presented to the delighted clients. They were successfully produced and accurately capture the essence and activities of the landmarks modelled.

Cardboard Model Design
Cardboard Model of Essex landmark
We devised, illustrated and produced this pop up model of Layer Marney for visitors to build at home. Such was its appeal that the design agency producing their leaflets used it on their covers.
Cardboard model design of Kentwell Hall
Kentwell Hall Cardboard Model
This privately owned Hall in Suffolk was conceived and illustrated to be a cardboard scale model of the historic building. It was produced for visitors both in black and white (for colouring in), and in full colour.