DVDs and CDs need to make a statement, and grab the right attention, from the right people. Understanding the target audience, and knowing the content's personality provides the creative direction for some inspired covers and disc surfaces. Imagery that translates to web, posters and publicity materials makes selling the damn things child's play right? Here are a few of our works of art for some delighted customers. Music maestro...

CD Design
Shtar Boss EP CD design
Designing CD and album covers is a real treat for us, it's perhaps the first 'graphic design' youngsters are heavily exposed to and influenced by, having started their music collections as teenagers.
CD Design
DVD designs for Essex company
One of a countless flow of special designs for a a local specialist video production company. The drama of the subject matter captured in an assymetric design.
CD Design
Gesekki CD design
We arranged for this new band to gig in our studio whilst we took shots of the band in full flow for the CD. With ears still ringing we produced this debut album design using a bottle and 'degeneration' motif.
DVD Design
TENS Hire Pack DVD
This hire pack one show at leading high street chemists consists of instructional DVD, DVD case and redeemable hire voucher, a system negating the need for stock or product to sit on the shelf.
CD Design
Shtar Infinity Album Cover design
Shtar's music together with this black and white imagery has gathered quite a niche and worldwide following. We have artworked posters, EPs, singles and albums for the popular band.