We were pioneers of the design and customisation of QR codes from the early days of its introduction and acceptance. The now-popular codes that take smartphone users to information online is a strong asset in marketing and taps into the rapidly growing reliance of the tablet and smartphone to service consumer's IT needs. Bespoke design can greatly add to the appeal of the clever employment of the humble QR Code in marketing campaigns.

Custom QR code
Gourmet Hotdog Custom QR code
We used the Gourmet Hotdog's circular device to contain the stylised QR code and had their iconic hotdog project out from the centre of this bespoke logo.
Custom QR code
Hugh Crane QR Code
The company's roundel logo is central to this QR code design. The 3D nature of this clearly lifts it from surrounding distraction and successfully frames the code. Client: SpaceMAD.
Custom QR code
WFA Custom QR Code
This tested the limits of having an easily readable code, but much creativity is embraced within this Great War themed concept, including bomb crater scattering the pixels within the QR code.
Custom QR code
Body Clock and Babycare TENS Custom QR Codes
Simple yet effective colour coded and branded QR codes for a successful healthcare company, these codes feature on key literature.
Custom QR code
Essex Producer QR Code
This speculative design was not adopted by the target customer, but demonstrates clearly a solution to an on-brand and relevent code. This quirky strawberry-based QR code points to our pages.
Custom QR code
Fluorel Lighting QR Code Design
Within this project we changed the way the pixels were interpreted, to form a futuristic QR code design for this Essex based lighting manufacturer.