Flash is another method for animating websites, and adds levels of interactively that is both compelling and enjoyable for the user. They can quickly take visitors on a journey with little or full interaction, depending on the task in hand. These websites all share the same design philosophy: make an impact by entertaining and informing at the same time. Although not accessible (currently) on Apple iOS it is still popular and supported on the majority of devices and some 3rd party apps. Confused? Pop into our Essex web studio to discuss the merits.

ExcessMeLess Flash Website
ExcessMeLess Flash Website
This website cleverly made the complex nature of an accident claim, easy to understand and follow by using realistic motion graphics. Visitors are taken on a very real journey.
Woolpack Interactive Flash Website
Woolpack Interactive
Flash Website

All the ambience of a charming Essex restaurant is captured within this Flash website. It's a journey of discovery appealing to all the senses other than smell! One day perhaps.
Merlin Airways Flash Website
Merlin Airways Flash
Website Design
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Highlights of this flash site are the animated flights of the aircraft as you roll over them. It gives a feeling of weightlessness, complementing the logo and our design of this brand.
FTSS Flash Website Design
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Each of the key service sectors that this client offers a repair solution for are dramatically animated - showing the damage happening to a ficticious building. Also shown are the call out and successful repair stages.
Homelye Farm Flash Website
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Homelye Farm is based around two courtyards and this site clearly familiarises the clientele to both the quality of accommodation and location on the farm with a mixture of photography and illustration.
WPTE Flash Website Design
We pay the excess.com Flash
Website Design

This flash website featured a plan view of car accidents and the stages that a customer should take to use the service and have their vehicles repaired.