It's not every Essex design studio that can offer bespoke technical, artistic or cartoon illustration. That's probably because we aren't every Essex design studio. Our illustrations have helped build clients brands, graphically represented schemes, ideas, books, poems and we even supply the image libraries such as Getty Images. Drawing on years of experience (yes pun intended) we have a artistic talent pool and are ready for any illustrative challenge.

Artistic Illustrations
Tiptree Tea Rooms Illustrations
Some classic illustrations created for Wilkin & Sons’ prestigious ‘Tiptree’ tea rooms dotted around some stunning sites in Essex. Our drawings were drawn in the 1920s art nouveau travel poster classic style.
Technical Illustration
Vector Drawn Electronics
Sometimes technical illustration outshines photography. For instance, these images were created for a premium user manual for this TENS machine. The clarity of reproduction in the printed page is both striking and attractive.
Gouche Painting illustrated for Woolpack Bar Bistro
Essex Bistro Gouche Painting
The Woolpack boasted traditional fayre and good old fashioned service, and so, this illustration was created for their marketing, paying homage to the great railway posters of yesteryear. Featured on a poster at local stations.
Artistic Illustration
Illustrations for Collectors Cards
Pencil and marker illustration of the 1953 Le Mans winning C-Type Jaguar driven by Rolt and Hamilton in the S5.0 class. One of hundreds of illustrations for Golden Era Collectors Cards (co-owned by Rob in the 1980s).
Vector Drawing illustrated for a London Council
Haringey Christmas Graphic
For the Christmas period Haringey Council needed a festive illustration for an E-Card. We illustrated the Haringey Skyline, featuring key landmarks including the famous Alexandra Palace.
Technical Illustration
Aircraft Technical Illustration
The most beautiful of aircraft has to be the 'Spit' and this royalty free image was illustrated for upload to a photolibrary - for sale to the public and businesses that need a pre-drawn image of a Spitfire. Simple.
Artistic Illustrations of London
London Illustrations
The best of British captured in pen and ink, watercolour and marker. This series focused on iconic London landmarks.
Technical Illustration
Chart Illustration
Informal illustrations of naked people (without getting too graphic) created in vector on a Wacom pad. Vector graphics scale seamlessly to any size - none of those nasty steppy pixelated edges.
Artistic Illustrations
Tractor Illustrations for Calendar
This illustration graced the pages of a special promotional calendar for Second Sight Productions. Aimed at classic tractor fanatics, it featured important agricultural machinery spanning many decades.
Technical Illustration
Vector Map Illustration
Technically speaking, vector maps travel well through the internet - their file size is typically small, and they reproduce to any size without loss of quality. Ideal for bespoke maps like this one showing museum locations over London.
Artistic Illustration
Local Illustrations and Sketches
The closest landmark to the Wisdom Design offices is perhaps the Tiptree Windmill, only a few miles from our door. It was illustrated in pen and ink shortly after a liberal dose of snowfall a few years ago.
Painting Commission Burnham Overy Staithe Windmill
Painting Commissions
Burnham Overy Staithe Windmill in Norfolk, England - painted in response to an enquiry for a commissioned watercolour by a client.
Technical Illustration
Flow Diagrams and Infographics
Infographics don't draw themselves. We do. The complex nature of communications was explained by us creating this bespoke set of icons for a client to use in Powerpoint and Word.
Technical Illustration
Medical Illustrations
Sensitive subjects benefit from illustration over photography, as demonstrated by this set of images created specifically for a client. A graphics tablet was used to create these drawings.