Getting product and packaging design right is possibly the most important design discipline within retail or anyone taking physical product to market. It can make the difference between someone selecting your product, or a competitors brand. Essex's Wisdom Design has taken branded packaging to the shelves of the high street stores, and packaging for many retail product from electrical goods, through beauty products to DVD packaging. We know the route to influencing potential buyers to choose your product, is by us taking the time to get to know your products, your customers and where you want your product to sit within the what can be marketplaces. Create inspiration and communication at every stage leads us to successful branded packaging solutions.

Product Packaging Design
Elle TENS 2 Product Box Design
This premium product required a sophisticated design for the internal cardboard tray. We devised a cut-out to cradle the unit and three internal content compartments from one sheet of cardboard. Now that's clever!
Product Packaging Design
DREAM Product Packaging Designs
For the US based Dream brand we created the product labelling, starter pack and other key consumer packaging for their E-Cigarette range, and also their brand new range of Vaping Juices.
CD Design
Shtar Infinity Album Cover design
Shtar's music together with this black and white imagery has gathered quite a niche and worldwide following. We have artworked posters, EPs, singles and albums for the popular band.
Product Packaging Design
Body Clock Packaging Design
A revolutionary TENS product which did away with wires was launched by Body Clock Healthcare, and we created a retail box that not only held the product securely within, but showcased its USPs.
Cardboard Model Design
Cardboard Model of Essex landmark
We devised, illustrated and produced this pop up model of Layer Marney for visitors to build at home. Such was its appeal that the design agency producing their leaflets used it on their covers.
DVD Design
TENS Hire Pack DVD
This hire pack one show at leading high street chemists consists of instructional DVD, DVD case and redeemable hire voucher, a system negating the need for stock or product to sit on the shelf.
CD Design
DVD designs for Essex company
One of a countless flow of special designs for a a local specialist video production company. The drama of the subject matter captured in an assymetric design.
CD Design
Shtar Boss EP CD design
Designing CD and album covers is a real treat for us, it's perhaps the first 'graphic design' youngsters are heavily exposed to and influenced by, having started their music collections as teenagers.
Cardboard model design of Kentwell Hall
Kentwell Hall Cardboard Model
This privately owned Hall in Suffolk was conceived and illustrated to be a cardboard scale model of the historic building. It was produced for visitors both in black and white (for colouring in), and in full colour.
CD Design
Gesekki CD design
We arranged for this new band to gig in our studio whilst we took shots of the band in full flow for the CD. With ears still ringing we produced this debut album design using a bottle and 'degeneration' motif.