Creative photography, and image manipulation is all part of our visual DNA here at Wisdom Design. We devise and capture creative images that help stock the world's photo libraries, grace the covers of brochures and magazines and make billboards 'pop'. Our product photography captures the essence, and our image manipulation and retouching creates the remarkable. We think that this style of design-oriented photography can only come a a by-product of a design team that orientates itself around brand, product and service. The main distinction between 'just another photographer' and us is that the creative designer is the one with their finger on our shutter button.

Commercial Photography
Essex Nursery Photography
They say never work with kids or animals in the media, but we had fun capturing the joy of attending the Munchkins Nurseries in Holland-on-Sea and Wivenhoe - what a lively bunch they were!
Product photography
Action Man Photography
This project took some of us back to our childhoods. Photography of the new Action Man range during his 50th birthday year. A garden setting was briefed to us as a most fitting backdrop.
Aerial Photography Essex
Aerial Photography
We capture high altitude commercial photographs (and video), and business with our 4K high res drone platform. We supply aerial photography (UAV) not only in Essex but the entire UK.
Commercial Photography
Hugh Crane Photography
A grand opening of a new warehouse and shop calls for some photography and a film crew. We obliged with a full set of images from the day in a journalistic style for Space’s clients.
Commercial Photography
Essex B&B Photography
A superb B&B near Stansted needed imagery for their literature, we visited the site to capture the charming ex-farm and its facilities. Followed around by the owners very charming Alsatian, the shoot lasted a morning.
Food Photography for Angel & Harp
Essex Food Photography
We captured the typical menu for this client in a single day on location in their restaurant area. Chef brought out a constant stream of goodies all shot in natural light with a 30mm macro lens.
Hugapet product photography
Essex Product Photography
This bunch of wannabe supermodels we organised helped us launch a range of cuddly hats, blankets and toys. Shot both indoors and in the studio, much fun was had by all and our models kept the pick of the goods.
Bodyclock Product Photography
Body Clock Product Photography
Perfectly manicured nails were a must for this shot. Lovely fingers, lovely product makes for this great image. Click through the gallery to see more macro and full frame shots.
Commercial Photography
Sussex Photography
This privately owned country house is resplendent at any time of year, and our commission took us around its idyllic gardens. These large format panoramics are enormous. Could cover the side of a bus.
Photographs of Day-Impex products
Day-Impex Photography
That fizzy tablet was tricky. You wouldn't believe what we had to do to create the perfect image, and don't think we're about to tell. It's a trade secret. Nethertheless we are available for hire. Number at foot of page.
Goodies Food Photography
Goodies Farm Shop Photography
Close up imagery of food and shop produce was required to initially dress the website and later used to fulfill e-marketing and communications roles. Client: SpaceMAD.
Commercial Photography
Photography at Essex Pub
A fine restaurant that is greater than the sum of its parts. The food is delicious, the beer ice cold and the surroundings welcome and cosset the lucky diners. Capturing the mood with well chosen photographs.
Eurostand product photographs
Product Photography in Essex
A mixture of studio shots, some retouched with generic graphics for this very successful display company. Images were captured at the client's location, retouched at our studio, and distributed over the internet.
Commercial Photography
Adult Education Photography
A lifelong learning brochure required us to capture lively action shots of classes in progress, showing the wealth of courses on offer. Photographs were taken on multiple sites.
Commercial Photography
Hugh Crane Photography
This international business in Norfolk has many operations, and we captured these images for their marketing materials - capturing fast moving lasers, welding, staff and operations.