All the illustrations on this page are vector files produced for a range of clients, some drawings to use to a small scale such as maps, some illustrated to fill large areas and exhibition walls. Thankfully we have a set of very experienced Essex based illustrators from technical drawing, architectural and artistic backgrounds - so no task is beyond our innumerable collective skill set And we supply the illustration libraries online too. Cool?

Technical Illustration
Chart Illustration
Informal illustrations of naked people (without getting too graphic) created in vector on a Wacom pad. Vector graphics in case you did'nt know, scale to any size without those nasty steppy pixelated edges.
Technical Illustration
Aircraft Technical Illustration
The most beautiful of aircraft has to be the 'Spit' and this royalty free image was illustrated for upload to a photolibraphy - for sale to the public and businesses that need an image pre-drawn of a Spitfire. Simple.
Technical Illustration
Vector Drawn Electronics
Sometimes technical illustration outshines photographs. For instance these images were created for a premium user manual for this TENS machine. The clarity of reproduction in the printed page is both striking and attractive.
Technical Illustration
Vector Map Illustration
Technically speaking vector maps travel well through the internet - their file size is typically small, and they reproduce to any size without loss of quality. Ideal for bespoke maps like this one showing museum locations over London
Technical Illustration
Flow Diagrams and Infographics
Infographics don't draw themselves. We do. The complex nature of communications was more explained by us creating this bespoke set of icons for a client to use in Powerpoint and Word
Technical Illustration
Medical Illustrations
Sensitive subjects benefit from illustration over photography as demonstrated by this set of images created specifically for a client. A graphics tablet was used to create these drawings.