Wisdom Design of Essex has been the digital video production choice of clients with brands who want smarter videos and movies created that work extra hard for their budget without compromising either creativity or video quality. Film making, corporate videos, communications and instructional videos and documentaries.

Music Video Producers
This video was captured at Soundlab Recording studios in one evening. We filmed the session from multiple angles resulting in this multi-cam music video overlaying original track by the band Lisp.
Aerial Drone (UAV) Video Capture
Some sample aerial quadcopter (commonly called drone) video footage above Essex from our UAV that we offer as an extension to our film-making and video production. Let us quote your next project!
SBS Corporate Videos
SBS chose the quickest way to engage, inform, and call the customer to action. We created these short use studies covering two sites - the Sky TV headquarters, and the world famous Kew Gardens.
3D Animation and Video
3D Modelling: We created this short 3D product video (in a 2001 A Space Oddessey theme) from scratch - illustrating the beauty and ease of assembly of a premium modular exhibition display system.
Munchkins Nursery Videos
We captured the fun, colour and day to day excitement of the lucky children that attend the Munchkins nursery and pre-schools. We shot the films both in one day and composed in another.
DVS Corporate Video
This Corporate Video production was created for Target in 1, for their client DVS. We produced the film and also wrote the narrative.
Music Video Creation
Another video track from the band Lisp, using a teal and orange LUT (if you know your video production terminology). A layered soundtrack and multiple video camera angles completes our YouTube Music Video.
Christmas Promotional Video
We produced this corporate video mini series for social media. Our clients were posted an advent card with picture clues each day. The videos revealed the answers day by day. Incredibly shot in one day!
Flash Promo Movie
This promotional movie was created with Flash and the film uploaded for multi-platform consumption. The film details the USPs of the new product.
Fireworks Hotelympia Movie
In addition to producing their stand, we took the opportunity to make this location movie to capture the event in film and publicise the event.
Essex Open Farm Video
We captured this film using nothing more than opportunity and an iPhone 5. The videoƟ was captured, edited, produced and uploaded to YouTube in one day.
Elle Tens Instructional Video
This video presentation was filmed at our location, and was one of series of video productions destined for social media and hosting on web platform.